Top 6 Home Renovation Trends During the Pandemic

Homeowners have responded to the pandemic in several creative ways, from doing workout sessions at home to cultivating spectacular gardens. The Covid-19 pandemic got us all bored in our houses. While people are stuck in their homes, some can’t help but think of improving their space. 

We have the biggest home renovation trends straight from the experts in landscape architecture and interior design. You can still ride the bandwagon by following these latest home improvement ideas.

Home Office Space

In the early phase of the pandemic, like in March last year, attending a Zoom meeting by your couch is acceptable, but this would sound improper today. Consequently, home offices have been increasingly popular among those who are in a work-from-home setup. 

For a dedicated home office space, you can use a small room with enough area for a desk and computer, as well as a door that can be closed to keep work and home life apart.

There are few restrictions in designing this area. You can affix posters, artwork, and other additions to your walls that will motivate you each morning, boosting your level of productivity at the same time.

Adding bright lighting has been shown to make people happy, and ambient sounds can help people concentrate. Also, please pay attention to the air quality in your dedicated space since it can reduce productivity. 

Solar Panel Installation

No one would be surprised by an expensive electricity bill during a lockdown. Kids at home are on distance learning while the adults are working from home. Everybody is also drawn to online communication and leisure. At the same time, the home is cooled or heated for almost the entire day.

It is reported that  63% of Millennials changed electricity suppliers for lower household costs. Many have also switched to solar energy because they are now cheaper than they were in previous years. There are still some high upfront costs associated with solar, but for many Americans, the investment is worth itEco improvements will increase the value of your home while still saving you money in the long run.

Home Gym

Despite gym shutdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people are still encouraged to exercise at home and interact with personal fitness trainers. Consumers have been splurging on big, costly at-home fitness equipment following the recession as they continue to work and exercise from home.

Apparently, the pandemic and life in quarantine have altered people’s fitness habits, so investing in home gyms were done by many. An extra room in the house can be converted into a home gym. You can never go wrong if you also decide to put it in your garage.

It’s always a good idea to invest in a home gym because you’ll be able to use it whenever you want. Furthermore, sitting is the new smoking, so you better work out and keep yourself healthy while it still isn’t safe to go outside.

Outdoor Living Areas

Landscaping designs and innovative decks are now common, allowing families to get a staycation in various outdoor spaces. Spending time with nature is proven to improve a person’s mental health; that’s why a green outdoor living space became a trend during the lockdown.

A balcony where you can breathe fresh air is also effective to appease anxiety while in quarantine.  You can also extend your dining area or even your kitchen outdoors. You can be as imaginative as you can. This way, you can still feel that there’s a world outside the corners of your house.

Bright Bathrooms

The bathroom is one place that every member of the family visits multiple times a day. This is the space where most of us rest and relax. You can replace a typical vanity space with one mirror and a sink in it with a bright space with maximum storage. Upgrade your cabinet rooms and free up counter space.

You can also make the space more inviting by installing fun wallpaper. A chic white bathroom is nice, but patterns and colors are the best additions to make the space enjoyable. Striking paint colors can appeal to homeowners as a cost-effective way to add excitement and personality to a bathroom without overwhelming it.

Home Exterior Repaint

We all know that paint protects surfaces from moisture damage, and you’ll never know until when you’re restricted from going outside, so you better get your home exterior repainted to keep your home pleasant and guarded. 

According to most experts, you can paint every five to ten years, depending on where you live, the environment and weather, and the previous paint job. However, quarantine anxiety is spreading as fast as the virus; that’s why it’s the perfect time to add color to your home exterior. 

Green is meant to add a sense of peace, according to chromotherapy, while blue is said to relieve anxiety; blue lights have been used to reduce violence and even deter suicide attempts.

Exterior painting is essential today because it’s a home’s immediate defensive shield. Delaying exterior painting on your home could result in costly fixes later. It’s important to continue taking care of your home exterior during these times. 


When it comes to completing a home renovation during COVID-19, you’ll need to put a lot of confidence in your contractor and subcontractors. In this period, you need to be comfortable with the technology to carry out your solid planning through clear communication with other people taking part in the project.

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