Things To Inspect Before Buying A Loft

Buying a space to live is one of the most significant milestones of your life, whether it is for the first time or it has been many times. Buying a new home to live in is a massive decision for adults as it can require a lot of money, time, and energy. 

How much you invest in any space you are going to call home is why you need to be picky and prudent when choosing a unit. One of the things you must do is inspect the property properly to know if it is worth your money. The same is true for lofts.

Here are the essential things you must include in the inspection before you pay for the loft that you want. 

Check The Floor And The Ceiling 

When you conduct a loft inspection, you must check the unit’s ceiling and floor for any spots. Spots in the ceiling and floor are a sure sign of water leakage in the building or roof issues. In addition to checking for spots, you should also check for spaces between the flooring and baseboards. 

Check for any loose wood or tiles that are damaged due to leaks. Another problem that most loft buyers encounter is sloping of the flooring, so it is also necessary to include it on your flooring inspection checklist. Both the ceiling and flooring are the best things to indicate the building’s overall condition. 


Aside from having a good floor and ceiling condition, the loft you will purchase should also have great walls. Check for cracks or fresh paint, as this can give you an indication of the building’s foundation strength. 

Touch the walls’ surface and look for roughness or rugged feel. This is another indication of a water leakage problem within the building. Water leakage is the most common problem on every property, and it is a normal occurrence, but it should not be left unfixed to avoid more severe problems. Discolored areas on the walls can also indicate a leak.

Check the Windows

The windows are another vital part of a home that need to be inspected prior to purchase. When examining the windows, look for signs of damage in the wood frame and windowpane. Ensure that the wood frame is intact, with no signs of decay and warped wood. The windowpane should show no signs of cracks or any other damages as this can pose security and safety threats. 

Additionally, look for indications of mold issues around your window and try to open and close it multiple times to test it is working perfectly. A sealing sound should be heard when you shut the windows close. This is a clear sign that the loft windows you are planning to buy are functioning correctly. If the windows are double paned, check for moisture collecting in between the panes. This indicates the seal on the insulated pane has failed, and the pane will need to be replaced.


You should look into vital points when inspecting the loft’s plumbing. Your inspection should cover all essential elements, such as checking all the visible pipes, water heater, valves, and drains for any damages or leakage.

Whenever you see any problems, make sure to take a photo and bring it up with the realtor or owner of the loft for them to be informed, and they can fix it as soon as possible before it becomes more serious.

Inspect The Kitchen and Washroom

The kitchen and the washroom are the two most expensive parts of a house. You will need a significant amount of money to build, maintain or renovate the kitchen and bathroom(s), which is why you must ensure that these two are in prime condition. 

You do not want to purchase a loft with a worn-out kitchen and washroom as it may require you to spend more money fixing it. It is advised to check the appliances and the fixtures when doing an inspection. Also, check the cabinets and drawers and ensure that it is properly working and not yet damaged.

Electric and HVAC System

Who would want to live in a loft with a broken HVAC system and electricals? These two are essential to giving you a comfortable living environment in the home you wish to purchase.

Even though the maintenance inspection team will inspect both the electrical and HVAC systems, it is still best to double-check it to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Check The Loft 360 Degrees

After you have checked everything that has been mentioned, you should check everything else that you think you need to see before paying for the loft. Walk around and check every inch of the loft to ensure that it is the best unit for you. 

Now, are you ready to purchase the loft that you like? The next thing you should do is look for a way to finance your loft purchase. You can acquire additional financing on your home purchase in so many ways. 

Do not get in over your head on a home loan. Make sure that you shop within your budget and have a clear picture of what you can afford to spend. If you need help determining what price range best fits your budget, there are multiple options available online to help with budgeting. If you need help understanding and calculating your debt to income ratio, try this resource from CreditNinja.

In Conclusion

Follow these inspection tips and ensure that you will have the best home to live in. When buying a home, you should not rush into any decision. It is always best to figure out what is best for you or get the value for your money.

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