Boho Chic Ideas for Decorating Lofts

In modern language, the term bohemian is used for people who live unconventionally, most often with an artistic way of life. For some time now, we have been witnessing the fact that boho style is experiencing a great return to the fashion world, but also to the world of interior design. The sixties and seventies are returning to our lives, but with a new and modern twist. Bohemian chic involves the use of vivid colors and vintage furniture. Since this style is not characterized by some strict rules, this is a style in which there are no restrictions, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to achieve. In the end, everything should look like it was created and designed effortlessly, completely lightly, and spontaneously, and that is actually the hardest of all.


How to recognize the boho style?

Boho style is recognizable by bright colors, such as orange, red, purple, green, and yellow. It is based on a combination of earth tones with shades of precious stones. A special charm to this style is given by the mixing of various textures and patterns of materials used for almost all elements: furniture, walls, curtains, rugs, floors… Pieces like those you can find on Skull Bliss website are the perfect example of this style.


Travel Memorabilia

We all love to travel, and from every trip, we bring many little things that mean something to us, but often we don’t know what to do with them. Now you have a solution for that as well. A variety of travel souvenirs will fit perfectly into your boho-style home. Find them a suitable corner and it is quite certain that they will significantly enrich your living space.


Organic elements

A bohemian room requires organic elements, including decorative fabrics and accessories. For example, you could arrange pillows with floral and other patterns. Use mats with the same patterns that will complement the bohemian atmosphere. Large scarves or tapestries with exotic patterns can beautify the walls of your space.


Beads, flowers, and feathers

One of the best things about turning your flat into a bohemian room is the freedom to decorate. Use any ornaments, strings of beads, and feathers. Decorate tables with scented candles in different shapes and colors.


Moroccan style

The Moroccan style is a real example of boho decoration. Add hanging chandeliers, in various, pastel or beige colors, a multitude of colorful pillows, and a sofa with high sides. You will get a relaxed, extremely pleasant, and comfortable place where you can welcome your guests. Add color to your walls by hanging various pictures. Everything should be colorful and playful in your Moroccan style space.

Concentrate on one color

If you don’t like too much color, you could concentrate on only one. Let the colors of the bedspreads, pillows, curtains and paintings revolve around only one shade, for example, for a real women’s boho room, let it be intense pink.

Earth and wood colors can also be a part of this style. Carefully selected elements of wood and wicker, such as a table and chairs for the dining room, can also exude the nonchalance of the boho style.


Be sure to add some different chairs

If all your chairs are, say wooden, then insert a metal one. Or if all your chairs are made in a modern style, add a wooden chair. You can also experiment with a bench, in combination with chairs. This will add a specific charm and make your loft seem perfect.



Bedding can give a bohemian touch to your room. Choose bedding with beautiful, colorful patterns so it can be used as decor. Also, you can use transparent sheets with beautiful bohemian patterns instead of curtains; just make sure they are long enough.


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