7 Energy-Efficient Home Appliances that You Should Have

Why do we have to reduce our household’s energy use? Energy conservation and environmental protection are the two crucial reasons for doing so. The thing is, many can’t successfully adjust their behaviors and habits to conserve energy. 

Good thing modern technology has been finding ways to create IoT products that require less energy, as well as aid consumers to spend less energy and pay less in their electricity bills. Here are some of the many energy-efficient appliances that you should have now!

Smart Lighting System 

Have you always been forgetting to turn your house lights off when you’re going out in a rush? You know it’s dangerous for your home’s security, as well as for your finance. Fortunately, there’s a smart lighting system nowadays. It has a programmable system, which lets you monitor and operate your lights from your smartphone remotely. 

Most smart light bulbs utilize about five times less power than conventional halogen light bulbs. Their dimming features also make them more energy-efficient. The dimmer a light bulb is, the less energy it’s consuming. This has made smart lighting systems much more eco-friendlier and financially friendlier. 

Smart Thermostat

Another programmable system you can opt for is a smart thermostat. It manages the cooling or heating temperature in your room by itself, especially when you’re asleep or not at home. You don’t have to upgrade your HVAC system. Plus, it wouldn’t sacrifice any comfort that you need while sleeping. You can save around $180 every year when you use a smart thermostat.

Smart Power Strips 

Power strips continue to get more and more popular these days. Some conventional power strips still consume more electricity, though. Just imagine multiple devices that are all plugged in a single electrical outlet. Whether they’re on the use or not, they would still consume energy. 

Opt for “smart” power strips, instead. These strips tend to cut down the power of connected devices that are in standby mode. It can even detect whether a gadget is already fully-charged or not. If a battery is already full, this smart power strip will cut the electricity line of the socket where the charger is plugged in. It can save around 5-10% of your energy consumption.

Smart Charging Station

Smart charging stations have the same function as other smart power strips. These stations allow users to time or charge schedules. When the set time is over, and when the plugged electronic gadget is fully charged, the station will cut its power itself. 

This smart charging station has two general appearances. One allows users to personally unplug their gadgets, while the other has a flipping switch. Some can be app-controlled now, but another device is needed to control the station. It’s not yet on-trend these days, as well. 

Energy Star Certified and Smart Washer

Energy Star certified washing machines use as little as 38 kWh per year. Plus, they also utilize a lower amount of water! Compared to any other standard laundry machines, energy star certified washers can lower your utility costs up to 25% and allow you to save around $35 on your electricity and water bills every year. 

Other energy star certified washing machines are really smart. These washers can detect the type of clothes, determine the amount of detergent needed, and recommend the best cycle to set, especially for those very soiled laundries. Notifications like power outage alerts will be sent to its associated app on your phone, allowing you to conserve energy in the long run. 

Smart Tech Plumbing

Yes, your toilet can be smart and energy-efficient nowadays, too! For instance, to let the water heat up, we typically run the shower for some time, which is not energy-efficient. Smart showers, alternatively, alert you and automatically shut off the water when it already reached the temperature, which saves water (shower) and electricity (heater). 

Energy-efficient plumbing prevents potential damages in your house when you’re not around. Smart plumping tracks your daily water patterns and usage. It can detect a broken toilet or leaking water pipe, and immediately send alerts on your phone when these incidents happen.

Energy Saving Software

Some mobile applications might not be one of your home appliances, but they can be used to optimize your home’s energy efficiency. These apps keep track of your energyA habits, provide energy consumption tips, and even inform you about the best utility suppliers.

There are utility suppliers that are authorized partners of another utility provider, by the way. For example, Eligo Energy electricity charges can appear in other supplier’s bills. Say you’re the Prairie state, you can get Illinois electricity rates comparison and other utility costs in many software applications. 

Reducing household energy use is vital for both conservation and cost savings. Modern technology offers various energy-efficient appliances like smart lighting systems, thermostats, power strips, charging stations, and Energy Star certified washers. These devices not only reduce energy consumption but also offer convenience and control. Smart plumbing and energy-saving software further enhance home efficiency. To evaluate and optimize your home’s energy efficiency, a helpful tool is the home energy efficiency calculator, which can guide you in making environmentally friendly and cost-effective decisions.


Recent smart technology is undoubtedly energy-efficient. These smart and energy-efficient home accessories can’t only lower your utility costs, but also provide an environmentally friendly home. 

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