Ken B.

I’m a huge Yelp follower, but I’m hardly motivated to actually submit reviews unless there’s someone or something that’s an Outlier in their industry.

Let’s be honest, raving about your real estate agent is like raving about your car dealer. It’s an extremely noble profession, but somehow it attracts the likes of Buddy “The Real Estate King” in American Beauty.

Currently I’m a client of Christiano Sampaio, selling my downtown loft. We’ve spent time in the past hunting for places and my experience was so positive, that it was a no brainer to list with him. It was one of the easiest decisions that I’ve had to make.

First off, let me explain that he’s the rock star of the Downtown Loft and real estate game!! He’s as professional, honest and as trustworthy as they come. He’s never late for an appointment, takes his job extremely seriously, and has all the qualities I could ever ask for when going through such a huge emotional transaction.

The thing that I respect most about Christiano, is that he’s very informative, while retaining a soft-spoken and cool demeanor. I never feel pressured to make a decision that I’ll regret, and always armed with a timely response, no matter how insane and emotional I can get. (Yes, this can happen to you too folks)

Fact is that I wouldn’t trust the sale of my biggest investment with anyone else. When I purchase my new place, this is the guy who will be leading me on the charge.

If you want to try to find someone who has good taste, knows the ecosystem of the downtown loft market better than anyone, I’d strongly advise you to look no further. When you’re out on the hunt for that perfect place to call home, he couldn’t be more pleasant to spend the day with.

Do you have a similar experience with your agent? Yea, didn’t think so!

Happy hunting…

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