Recognized industry-wide for our LOFT and CONDO knowledge and expertise, LOFTWAY successfully integrates the most cost-effective Sales & Marketing campaigns for new LOFT/CONDO projects.  No expensive ad agencies, market research, or web design companies are required when you hire LOFTWAY.  By fully utilizing the power of the Internet, we create innovative and effective web-based marketing campaigns aimed directly at your market.

1. Land and/or building LOFT/CONDO suitability

2. Project naming

3. Neighborhood LOFT/CONDO absorption assessment

4. Project logo design and branding

5. ln—house LOFT/CONDO market research

6. Marketing plan budget consultation

7. Pro forma consulting

8. Marketing material design and development

9. Building size, unit count, unit mix, and unit size consultation

10. Project website development

11. Architectural drawing review and consultation

12. Neighborhood development cycle analysis

13. Building floor plate optimization

14. Marketing plan development and execution

15. Develop pricing schedules and targets

16. Establish and manage a project-specific database

17. Advice on unit design, layout, specifications, and finishes

18. Utilization of LOFTWAY in house buyer database

19. Purchase Agreement and Sale review and consultation

20. LOFT/CONDO market positioning

21. Set up and manage in-house processing

22. Recommend loft-savvy professionals in contract management (i.e., architects, designers, financing, etc.)

23. Sales center location and design consultation

24. Innovative and cost-effective e-marketing

25. Model suite(s) location and design

26. Pre-launch marketing run-up consultation

27. Plan, develop, and implement a Broker cooperation program

28. Consult with an interior design firm to reflect and enhance market demand

29. Existing project rebranding, re-positioning

30. Provide on-site sales and administration staff

31. Sales center staff management and training

32. Bigger DOES NOT mean better. As a small company, we devote a high level of personal attention to only a select number of projects, large or small

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