Surprising Things Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Uh oh — your beloved dog Fido bit a visitor to your Loft and that person required medical attention for their wound. That’s covered by your homeowner’s insurance, right? The answer is — maybe. Some dog bites are covered and some aren’t. It often depends on the breed of your dog and your particular insurance company. If you’re a little fuzzy about what your homeowner’s insurance does and doesn’t cover, read on. You may be surprised to find out under what circumstances your insurance company won’t foot the bill.


If a flood occurs in your loft because a pipe bursts, then that is covered. But if the water is from a hurricane or storm, then it probably is not covered. Flood damage can be expensive, and even though your homeowner’s insurance does not cover it, you can purchase additional flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program. If you live in a place prone to flood damage, then you should seriously consider getting the extra coverage.


Damage caused by earthquakes is another surprising thing that homeowners insurance doesn’t cover. If you live in an area that experiences earthquakes, then you should purchase a special earthquake policy. You could get a break on your premiums if you make upgrades to your loft that will help prevent earthquake damage.

Damage caused by neglect

Your insurance policy won’t cover damage that’s caused by not completing routine maintenance on your home. Routine maintenance includes keeping your home free from moisture, keeping debris away from the foundation of your home, keeping large appliances in working order, and trimming trees and bushes.

Dog bites

If your dog attacks a visitor to your home and they require medical attention, it may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. While some companies will offer some protection with a liability limit, you may not be covered if your dog is a certain breed. Breeds that are often excluded from policies include pit bulls, German Shepherds, Akitas, and Siberian huskies. When in doubt, check with your insurance agent.

Expensive jewelry or art collections

Your homeowner’s insurance will cover some of your expensive jewelry or art, but not all of it. Most policies set a limit of around $1,500 on valuables like this. If you have a collection of jewelry or art that is of much greater value than this, you’ll want to get a floater policy. In order to qualify for this type of coverage, your items will need to be professionally appraised.

Detached structures

Finally, not all of the detached structures on your property are covered by your homeowner’s insurance. This could include outbuildings, sheds, and treehouses. If you just built the perfect she shed where you can relax, then you should check with your insurance agent to see if it’s covered.

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