Listings and Offers

Real Estate can be particular sometimes.

At times I list places that I think will go really fast and they will sit on the market for a month with no offers. Then one day they have three offers and buyers that are disapointed that they were not the choosen one.  I always ask them, where were you a month ago?

Its a funny phonomenon. Some buyers do not like to write offers when they know its a multi offer situation (which is the case more often today) and then there are buyers that won’t make an offer until they know there is another offer. The human mind is its funny, is like they need some validation from another buyer to motivate them.

A word of advice:

1) If you like a LOFT, make an offer right away. Even if was siting on the market for 6 months, it could go tomorrow and you might not find one that you like as much as that one again. 

2) There is no perfect LOFT. Make your “must have” and “would be nice to have” list. You can always make changes later. The most important is the building and neighborhood  all other factors can be improved.

3) Get an agent that is familiar with multiple offers. In this market its a plus. See my next post on that.

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