Light and your Loft

Lighting Hacks to Help Sell Your Loft

Quality of light is very important when trying to sell a property. Lofts often have lots of lighting potential, because of their high ceilings, tall windows, and open floor space. Owners who want to sell their loft can boost the sale price and may even be able to speed up the sale of the property by improving the quality of light in the living space. These lighting hacks make it easy to make a loft space seem bright and spacious.

Hang Loose Cotton Curtains Strategically

Heavy curtains block light before it enters the home and darkens the space to make the loft seem drab or even gloomy. Loosely woven cotton fabric makes it easier to let light into the loft. For maximum effect, loft owners must leave the curtains wide open throughout the day.

Angle Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is wonderfully flexible. Some fixtures distribute ambient lighting throughout the room, others deliver focused beams of light to the parts of the room where the homeowner would like to draw attention. Installation of recessed lighting in dark areas of the home can help make the space look larger and airier.

Lofts are known to have tall ceilings. Those high up places in the loft can get dark if they’re not properly lit. Recessed lighting can help with brightening up the area around the ceiling. In small rooms like the bathroom, recessed lighting angled toward the walls can bounce light around the room to eliminate any shadowy areas.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is a popular trend in the home improvement and interior design worlds. Pendant lighting hangs from the ceiling and points downward into the room, usually ending with an attractive light shade. The long length of cord that hangs from the ceiling can emphasize the height and grandeur of the loft. Pendant lights are also effective in lofts because they can be lowered to such a height that they provide focused illumination in areas where it’s needed.

Lofts are often open spaces where the living room, kitchen and dining area are all connected to one another. Sometimes the good use of pendant lighting can help distinguish which parts of the room are the dining room or kitchen, as pendant lighting is commonly used to light dining areas. However, you don’t have to let common uses stifle your creativity!


Firelight helps illuminate parts of the loft that are low to the ground. Firelight also creates a feeling of intimacy in big loft spaces. Loft owners that have a fireplace can capitalize on this by building a fire during showings. This is only advised if the real estate professional or someone else can be present during the entire showing, as a fire should never be left unattended during a showing.

Candles are another form of firelight that can make the loft appear warm, cozy and intimate. Candles can also be a fire danger and thus must be monitored carefully. The safest candlelight to use in a loft before selling is a battery powered candle. There are many forms of very realistic and attractive battery powered candles now, so loft owners have their choice of different products when trying to decide what to put in their home.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are another wonderful tool that can help make the loft space more intimate and friendly. Floor lamps create “zones” of light that make living room areas feel like cozy, comfortable spaces for curling up in front of the television. Floor lamps also help bedroom spaces feel more intimate. In a loft, which can feel cavernous at certain times of day, floor lamps are an excellent tool for making the space seem more like a home for potential buyers.

All in all, the purpose of maximizing lighting in the loft before showing it to buyers is to create a sense of homeyness that could tempt a buyer to put down an offer. Remember when installing your lighting that brighter is better! If you do your best to create a sense of lightness in your loft, you’ll improve your chances of getting a good offer when the time comes to sell your loft.

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