Is Loft Living Right for You?

Once seen as a solution to the increasing urban population, lofts have become a desirable and fashionable living choice. Combining industrial design with open-plan space, a well-maintained loft can be an interior designer’s dream.

However, loft living isn’t necessarily for everyone. With two potential drawbacks to owning or renting a loft, you’ll need to see if you can overcome these obstacles before you move into your urban abode.

Space Versus Privacy 

A true loft offers a wealth of space but limited privacy. Sometimes known as a ‘hard loft’, these dwellings are predominantly open plan, with only the bathroom sectioned off with walls. Of course, if you’re planning on living alone, this is an easy obstacle to overcome. If you’re going to be living with a partner or residing with roommates, however, things might be a little different. 

Having your own space can be a big advantage when you’re sharing a home with other people. While you might enjoy each other’s company 99% of the time, it’s reassuring to know you can retreat to your own room when you want some peace and quiet. 

If you’re an introvert or you enjoy having your own space, sharing a hard loft with other people probably isn’t for you. However, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of loft living. Instead, you simply need to make the space work for you. 

Many loft owners and tenants overcome the issue of privacy by installing room separators. With numerous styles available, you can find something that’s in keeping with your design choices while still being supremely functional. Although a room divider or screen isn’t quite the same as having your own four walls, it does afford a little more privacy.

Alternatively, you may prefer living in a ‘soft loft’ environment. A soft loft typically features 3/4 walls which section off bedroom areas, as well as standard walls for bathrooms. The additional privacy offered in a soft loft makes them a popular choice with younger owners and renters who plan on sharing with roommates. While a soft loft generally has all the beloved features of a hard loft, the extra privacy makes them more suited to modern communal living.

You could also consider opting for an upscale loft if you’re concerned about a lack of privacy in a hard or soft loft. Combining high ceilings and large windows with enclosed areas and modern fixtures and fittings, an upscale loft offers everything you could ask for, and more. 

With so many options available, it’s easy to balance open plan living and privacy in a loft environment. Whether you opt for room dividers, 3/4 walls or a modified upscale loft apartment, you can retain your privacy while enjoying loft-style living. 

Heating and Cooling Your Loft 

The practicalities of living in a loft are often overlooked, and it’s easy to see why. When you’re excited to move into your new home and eager to explore the neighborhood, you probably aren’t thinking too much about your appliances, power, and heating. Combined with the fact that many of the people living in lofts are first-time homeowners or tenants, it’s not surprising that these practical considerations only become an issue after you’ve moved in. 

However, heating or cooling a loft can be tricky, so it’s important to understand the options available to you. Traditional lofts are typically housed in industrial units, such as unused factories, so they don’t necessarily offer the standard heating and cooling options you might find in a purpose-built residential dwelling. 

Furthermore, lofts are characterized by the open plan space they offer. When you’re heating or cooling a larger area, this can increase your fuel costs and leave you with large bills. To avoid spending the majority of your disposable income on keeping warm in winter or cool in the summer, you’ll want to employ some savvy money-saving tips. 

Working with professionals can be the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure you have an economical setup installed. Companies like the We Care Team specialize in delivering innovative heating, plumbing, and air conditioning solutions, for example, and are ideally placed to provide you with economical temperature control options. Operating across Orange County, they regularly work with loft owners, homeowners and property developers to provide superior air condition and heating solutions. 

Gaining professional input from experts will ensure you have access to the widest range of options when it comes to maintaining your loft, no matter what your budget is. Furthermore, accessing specialist advice will help to protect you, your belongings and the loft itself from extremes in temperature.

As lofts typically feature large windows, they can get extremely warm in the summer. Similarly, the windowpanes, which are often unglazed, can allow a substantial amount of cool air in throughout the winter. With professional input, however, you can find the perfect heating and cooling solutions for your loft and live comfortably all year round. 

Benefits of Living in a Loft

With the potential obstacles overcome, you can begin focusing on the benefits of loft living. As well as offering a stylish place to live, lofts often provide far more space than typical apartments. Indeed, the open plan space usually enables younger homeowners and tenants to enjoy a much larger living space than they could otherwise afford to. 

In addition to this, many lofts are situated in highly attractive locations. Generally located in urban areas, living in a loft can mean you’re close to your workplace. With many people citing the commute as the worst part of their working day, living close to where you work can’t be overestimated. As well as cutting down on the cost of commuting, you can gain hours back each day when you haven’t got to commute on packed public transport. 

If you want to enjoy an interesting and exciting social life, then loft living could definitely work for you. Due to their urban location, lofts are usually situated close to major attractions and bars, clubs and restaurants. This makes it easy to explore the City’s nightlife and maintain an envy-inducing social life. 

In fact, property developers openly state that they look for major sporting arenas, theaters, and nightlife when searching for the perfect loft locations. Understanding that tenants and loft owners are keen to be part of the scene, it’s a key factor in determining where to develop new lofts. 

In addition to this, the popularity of loft living has inspired commercial developers to introduce more services, amenities, and attractions in and around loft buildings. With easy access to grocery stores, parking spaces, healthcare services, gyms, and sports clubs, many people find that loft living offers unparalleled convenience. 

Finding the Right Loft

If you’re convinced that loft living is right for you, you’re probably keen to start looking for your new home right away. However, you should consider applying all the usual criteria to lofts when you’re searching for a new home. Choosing the right location is particularly important, so don’t be tempted to settle for somewhere out of the way simply because you love the raw, distressed feel!

With the right amount of research and a little bit of patience, it won’t take long until you find your perfect new home and start to enjoy loft living. 

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