How to create the perfect NY Style Loft

Whether you live in the heart of NYC or you just love the style, it can be a challenge to capture the perfect NYC loft-style apartment look. If you’re lucky enough to have the typical high ceilings and large windows of an industrial building, then you’re a step ahead, but there are plenty more ways to get that NYC loft feel into your home. Here are our top tips for how to bring this modern and stylish look into your home.

Display art boldly

For that sleek and modern NYC look, you want to choose one or two big pieces of art and display them boldly as the focal points of a room. For full impact, go for something modern and bright. If you aren’t able to drill into the walls, there are plenty of options for hanging pictures without nails, so you can have fantastic art wherever you are.

Opt for bare floors

Wooden floors are a staple of the NYC loft style. If you’ve got wood or laminate flooring, resist getting carpets installed. Instead, keep the floor bare. To add some variety to the look and keep your feet warm, use rugs. You can even make your own rag rugs to complement the industrial look.

Double down on contrast

You can use contrast to really good effect when you’re going for that NYC look. In particular, try different colors around your windows to emphasize them, or add contrasting cushions to your furniture for extra pops of color that will stand out.

Let in more light

NYC lofts are known for their high ceilings and tall windows, a throwback to when these properties were used for industrial purposes such as manufacturing. Whether you’ve got floor-to-ceiling windows or more modest windows, you can get the NYC loft look by letting in as much light as possible. Avoid heavy curtains that block the natural light. If you do want privacy, blinds are much more in tune with the style than curtains. If you want to add artificial light, try industrial-style light fittings.

Mix materials

Don’t be afraid to mix different materials. For example, metal furniture alongside recycled wood is a good look, as well as introducing some upholstered pieces. Just try to make sure that the color schemes of all the pieces go well together.

Pick recycled furniture

Recycled furniture plays into the industrial NYC loft aesthetic really well, especially plain styles or furniture made from reclaimed wood. Don’t shy away from old furniture if it has a few dents or scratches; instead, embrace the imperfections. Don’t be afraid to repaint old furniture to suit your new look better as well.

Embrace the open-plan style

You might not have much say in the layout of walls and rooms in your home, but if you’ve got a large open space, be sure to embrace open-plan living. Avoid separating areas with large pieces of furniture or screens. Be sure to think about the flow of your living area, and make sure that there’s nothing to block the light.

Go for minimalist patterns

If you want to add some texture and patterns to your room, go for minimalist patterns. Avoid anything too busy, cluttered, or chintzy, and go for something bold instead.

NYC lofts: Conclusion

The NYC loft look is a striking style that’s easy to create as long as you follow a few simple tips. Avoid over cluttering any area and focus on bringing in lots of light and simple shapes. Mount a few pieces of bold art on the walls and make sure there’s a lot of contrast to really capture that loft atmosphere

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