Decoding the Loftway Report

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Our Loftway report got tons of exposure this week when we were featured on Curbed LA.

Now what information can you get from the report if you are a buyer or a seller besides the obvious ones? By reading the report I can observe  the following:

4 out of 5 of the most expensive buildings….

  • were built after 2006
  • have pools, 
  • are modern
  • are in south park
  • have a doorman

5 out of 5 of the less expensive buildings

  • are historical

4 out of 5 buildings with most sales….

  • are highrises

5 out of 5 buildings with the most sales…

  • have a pool
  • have a gym

By reading the report a developer would conclude that building a high rise in South Park with a pool, gym and doorman would be the best way to secure the highest price per square foot. 



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