5 Tips for Moving into a Loft-Style Apartment



Moving to a new ambient can be a daunting task, just because you don’t know what awaits you. If you are moving to a loft-style apartment usually means that you want to best view, ideal location, great central environments while not being so picky about the space. You can use up the loft space in various ways and make it a multi-functional home where you would be delighted to come back to. Some moving hacks and tricks may not apply the same as in the traditional way of moving. Hence, here are some rather nifty ways on how to make the move run as smoothly as possible.

1. Get adequate furniture



Moving into a loft-style apartment may not be as roomy or as traditional as you used to have back home. Lofts don’t fall into the category of ‘standard’ apartment, hence you might want to get different furniture. Once you have that in mind, you must measure the room to see if your furniture can fit. In case it doesn’t, before you start moving to your new loft you should get some multi-purpose furniture like foldable desks and chairs. Consider getting a foldable or loft bed, and use up the storage by getting a sofa or bed with drawers.

2. Organize a smooth move



Before you start the move, check whether you will have enough parking area since finding parking can be tricky downtown. Inform the nearby residents that a large pickup car or a truck would be unloading heavy items, get a parking ticket if necessary and have a security guard clear out the area with you have people unloading your furniture. You might want to hire professionals to do that, so for instance, call movers from Charlotte to help make your moving process run safely. 

3. Use a freight elevator



Most people have at least one piece of bulky or sturdy furniture, and to save you trouble, and even back pain, you might want to use a freight elevator. Moving to the tall-building loft is another reason to book a freight elevator since you won’t impede the resident’s daily habits nor you would need to go up and down that frequently. Check with the building manager, and make sure that you book the freight elevator for the day of the move. If you happen to forget about this, it would be unpleasant and maybe hard to get permission for the key.

4. Consider utilizing ladders



Many contemporary loft-style apartments have a bedroom in the upper part. Whether you have to work with small or large space, using the ladders to move things up might be the solution when you are moving. It can be rather tricky to move the mattress or other furniture upstairs as the starts are not as wide or safe. Lean the ladders properly, have one person stay downstairs as the others climb up the ladder. Tie a rope to the mattress and slowly slide the mattress up to the upstairs part of the loft.

5. Add a fresh coat of paint



No matter the size of your new loft-style apartment, it is of utmost importance to make it adaptable to your personality. If you are renting, then just ask the landlord for permission, and if you have bought your safe haven, adapt it to suit your character. A fresh coat of paint will open up the otherwise rather petite loft, and it is the cleanest and most germ-free way to start a new life. Make sure that the colors you choose to go with the furniture.

Living in a loft-style apartment will give you numerous social, environmental, and work-related advantages. Your only aim is to make the transition or relocation run as you have envisioned.

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