Your agent is BAD and you don’t even know 2nd Edition

This is another one that gets me going. UPSIDE down pictures!

You don’t check your pictures after you upload them??? Not only I check all the pictures that I upload and they look professional, I also expend a lot of time ordering them in a way that makes sense. Sometimes you see a picture of the bathroom and a picture of the kitchen next to each other or a bedroom on the 3rd Foor with a picture of the kitchen on the 1st Floor. 

The pictures should have a flow and tell a story as you go along. 

All these things are the difference from a GOOD and BAD agent, but sometimes you can’t tell or you are just not paying attention.

I have been speaking with a client that wants to sell his LOFT Downtown and he is between going with us and a discount broker. This is what you GET with a discount broker, BAD service, and in the end, will cost you more than you think you are saving.

Look at the picture below. LOL

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