Your agent is BAD and you don’t even know 1st Edition

It’s true!!!

Out of frustration and also for fun I decided to start a new blog series. During my 16 years in Real Estate, I encountered all kinds of agents, some were amazing and I took ideas and mimic behaviors that I admire and some were really bad and I can’t even believe they were still in business.

Often times the sellers/landlords are not aware of what their agent’s behavior is towards other agents and the public is, sometimes they only know how they behave with them. Some agents will never return calls, make it really hard to show places, and do really bad marketing.

In this series, I will comment and show examples of this behavior and hopefully make you laugh or cry at the same time. 

This weeks winner is:

Below is an example of how pictures should look on a listing, you should have good quality high-resolution pictures hopefully done by a professional photographer so buyers can see your property in the best light. By the way, we have professional pictures for all our listings, I can take ok pictures, but the photographer does that for a living.

Now, this is how these agents’ pictures look. See the difference? You can’t even see anything. 

Pick your agent wisely. What you don’t know can hurt your chances of selling your place.

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