Tips for Living in a Loft with Kids


Energetic, joyful, full of action-packed ideas and imagination, kids always, no matter if you own a small space or have a large open-plan house, demand a lot of your dedication and time. That’s why many parents opt for loft living. Lofts represent an ideal place where you can easily monitor your kids while still having enough time to finish all your work-related obligations and chores. If you think you would go crazy under the small roof, think again. Here are some tips on how living in a loft with kids can turn out to be a perfect combo.


  • Opt for nifty and practical furniture


As you would be sharing your home office and common area with your kids, you should get multipurpose furniture since to enable enough space for play. Consider getting foldable tables, sofas, beds, and armchairs, which also come with useful storage places underneath. Having meticulous organizers and practical furniture, you can easily store toys, books, and other gadgets and enable your kid’s plenty of free space for playing games. Plus, the practical storage area is extremely vital in a loft since you immediately get an added feeling of having a larger home.


  • Set a designated play area


Living in a loft with kids may imply that you should set up a special play area. This signalizes that you might have to share a joint room and they may need to play in the living room which also serves as your business area. For that matter, set up a special play area in one corner of the room and place their toys and other gaming accessories. You can get cool floor puzzles or a little dollhouse for girls or an Indian Wigwam teepee for boys and create a beautiful play area. You can find such fun and educational toys at to fill up their petite play corner without having to compromise on the space.


  • Minimize the clutter


Kids like to get messy, and living in a loft may make cleaning after them a real pain in the neck. One of the most beneficial tips to minimize the clutter and clear out the mess after them is teaching or showing how to throw away things or put away their toys after they have finished with their play. Diligent organization and some behavioral manners are of vital importance when you are living in a loft with children. When everything in its place moving around the loft would be better plus you can invite friends round any time.


  • Establish a few ground rules


In a loft, kids usually have to share rooms. This comes with both advantages and disadvantages. To keep peace and order in your cozy loft, the best tip is to set a few ground rules everybody should obey. It’ll be easier to get some vital things done once your children know when they should play. For instance, establish the ‘don’t shout’ or ‘don’t run’ rule when you are doing important paperwork which you have brought home from the office.


  • Have a diligent storage area


To avoid having clothes and socks lying around all over the loft, make sure that you have plenty of storage area for that. As kids love to get new toys and clothes very often, your loft area might be too tight or small to keep everything, hence get colorful plastic containers, boxes, baskets for toys and clothes, and maybe handy floating shelves for books and other excess amenities. By ensuring that everything has its own place, you help set up a welcoming loft for everybody to enjoy

Loft living represents a fresh and contemporary way of living. When you organize things diligently and in the way to fit all your needs, it can be a perfect home for the family with children.

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