Things sellers and buyers don’t know about their agents

As agents, we have to coexist with other agents, this can be a frustrating task. A lot of times we wish the clients knew what kind of agents they have working for them. Why are they paying the same commission and getting half of the service? Below are some of the issues that I found throughout the years.

1) Non responsive agents. They dont reply to email or calls or take a few days to do so.

2) Agents that hold off on listing the property in the MLS, so they can get their own buyer.

3) Agents that never show property and just put a lock box on the door and a code in the MLS. Isn’t your job to sell the property? How can you do that if you are not there???

4) Agents that dont want to work nights or weekends  I totally understand that it sucks to works after-hours,  but if you want a 9 to 5 job go work in a bank. Some buyers work all week and can only see places during those days and hours.

5) Agents that are running late to an appointment and call you at the time of the appointment or don’t call you at all.

6) Agents that don’t present offers to the seller and keep holding them until they have their own offer. This is illegal by the way, but I see it all the time.

7) Agents that take a lower offer just because they are double ending the deal. The seller is losing money on this one.

8) Agents that are rude to other agents. This is a relationship business. If your agent has a bad reputation it can make it really difficult to sell or buy a place. Agents like to work with agents that they like, this is specially important on multiple offers. Some agents are just known for being difficult or unprofessional. Most of the time is really hard for you to know that as a client. Only agents know who the good agents are.

There are a lot of bad apples in this industry, make sure you know who you are hiring to sell or buy a place.


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