The new Financial/Coronavirus crisis

Unlike last time this crisis was caused by an unforeseen virus, We can prepare for these, but it is hard to know-how will affect us.  I am not going to go into all the consequences and horrible things that have been happening with people dying and getting sick. It’s unfortunate, and we are doing our best to fix it as fast as we can.

Now what I want to talk about here is the fantastic opportunity in Real Estate. The market has been going up like crazy, and the stock market as well. People have been waiting for a chance to be able to buy something and for the prices to stop going up. This is it!! The smart people will take advantage of this situation and step in, and they are, We opened four escrows this week, and I have a few more coming. Interest rates are the lowest right now and might even go lower. You can save a lot of money on your mortgage, and I am refinancing mine this week.

When people asked me when would be the next chance, I would say I don’t think it will happen since the banks are more robust now then they were, and lenders are much more strict as who they lend to, but I could never foresee a virus.
You can look at the negative news or take this opportunity.
Good luck and be safe out there!!

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