The Loftway Report 2013

Loftway Report 2013 pic

Every year we release the Loftway Report,  our annual examination of Downtown LA’s L

OFT real estate market. This report uses market-wide data based on transactions that closed in the year of 2012 in each building. Closings typically occur four to six weeks after a contract is signed. For that reason, the sales activity discussed trails actual market conditions. 

The Downtown LA market ended the year with robust results. Market-wide sales in the year of 2012 went up comparing to 2011. The strong sales performance in t2012 was even more


impressive given current market challenges such as record low inventory levels and limited new development supply.  

If you have any questions regarding your future and specific needs, our agents are here to help you with expert market knowledge and exceptional service. Loftway is the leader in our mark

etplace and we look forward to working with you. 

Here is a copy of the report: Loftway Report 2013







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