The learning curve










A lot of times as agents we give sellers and buyers our advice. Unfortuantely a lot of times or advice is taken as if we were just thinking about our commission and dont have our clients best interestd in mind.

On the listing side: How many times I advised the seller to take an offer that he thought was too low and he ended up selling for much less much later. Not only he lost time, but also money. Thats the sellers learning curve. It takes a few offers and some time on the market to start listening to us.

On the buyer side: How many times I advised the buyer to bid a certain amount based on my knowledge of the market and they wanted to bid lower. They had to bid on many lofts before they ended up taking my advice and purchasing one. Thats the buyers learning curve. They have to miss many lofts before they understand the market. If the market is going up, the loft they buy will be more expensive than if they bought the one before.

You can avoid losing money and time if you listen to your agent. We know the market and we know what it takes to buy and sell. This one of the reasons that you have to picky your agent well and why you hire him/her in the first place.


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