Summer Loft Selling Tips

Summer Home-Selling Tips

If you’re thinking about selling your Loft, now is a great time! It’s estimated that 50 percent of Lofts are sold in the summer, making this the best season to get your Loft on the market. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of your summer listing.

Make all the needed repairs

If your Loft needs some obvious repairs, be sure to tackle them before you list. There’s no need to slow up the closing process by haggling with potential buyers over the cost of repairs. And since summer will give you the best weather in which to work, there’s really no reason to put those fixes off.

Cool it off

Once the dog days of summer hit, don’t forget to keep it cool inside. Have the air conditioning serviced and turn it on before any potential buyers visit. You should consider keeping the thermostat a little lower than usual, since people will be opening and closing doors and windows. Set out pitchers of ice water or lemonade and keep the fridge stocked with other cold drinks. Offer some light snacks that will encourage buyers to linger a little longer.

Keep it light

When you’re showing your Loft, you want to have as much light inside as possible. Remove heavy drapes from windows and open all the blinds. Tie back lighter curtains and turn on inside lights. Make sure the windows are clean, especially when there’s a nice view on the outside. If you’re showing your Loft in the evening, be sure all the outdoors areas are well lit. You can easily add some inexpensive solar lights along the walk to the front door or some romantic string lights on your back deck.

Get the air moving

Nothing is worse than a stuffy Loft, and in the summer the air can get a little stagnant when the windows remain closed. If you have ceiling fans, be sure to give them a good cleaning and then turn them on to provide some cool circulation.

Bring the outdoors in

Just like taking your indoor areas out by adding furniture on balconies, bring the outside in with plants and flowers. Nothing beats a beautiful vase of colorful roses, which will also add a lovely light fragrance to the room.

If selling your Loft is in your future, why not give yourself the best possible chance by putting your Loft on the market during the hottest season of the year? There’s no time like the present!

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