Staying connected


Every year I take a 2 week vacation and staying connected is always one of the biggest challeng

es. When I look back five years ago everything was so more difficult, sometimes I would stress so much that I couldn’t really enjoy my  vacation. When you have  to juggle an office with eight agents and dozens of listings from thousands of miles away and an eight hour time zone difference, it can be a problem.  Today with a lap top my office is mobile and I can do all my work from any where with exception of showing property.  Below are the gadgets a tolls that help with me:

iPhone: Email, Maps, Text message.
WhatsApp: Text message application for iPhone, so you don’t need to pay for text messages abroad.
Docusign: Sign real estate forms anywhere with a computer or phone.
Zip Forms: All real estate forms in one software.
Efax: Get all faxes by email.
Google Voice: Transcribes voicemails and receive texts by email.
Pages Mac: Make flyers on the go.
Overnight Prints: Set up postcard farm online.




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