Staging Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Loft sellers have been in a unique position over the past couple of years. With demand high and inventory low, we’ve been in a seller’s market during much of the pandemic. But while sellers certainly still have an advantage in the current market, that doesn’t mean you should do the bare minimum for your listing. Staging your Loft for sale is an important part of the sales process and can help you close quickly and for a great price. If you’re getting ready to sell your Loft, then these are the staging tips you shouldn’t ignore.

Remove all personal items from your Loft

When you’re selling your Loft, you want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves living there. They can’t do that if they’re surrounded by your personal belongings. One of the most important staging tips we can share is that you should remove all personal items from your Loft. This includes family photos, sports team decor, and other items that pertain to your specific interests.

Clean the Loft from top to bottom

Another crucial step you don’t want to skip over when you’re staging to sell is cleaning your Loft from top to bottom. This is particularly true for kitchens and bathrooms. Potential buyers will be turned off by a dirty Loft. If you’re not feeling up to the task, then consider hiring a professional cleaning crew to do it for you.

Repaint in neutral colors

You may love living in a rainbow-colored Loft – but not all buyers will. When it’s time to sell, you should repaint rooms in neutral colors that will appeal to the widest range of people. A new coat of paint also gives a room a fresh feeling, which can influence how potential buyers feel when touring your Loft.

Complete small repairs

We know you’ve learned to live with those leaky faucets, sticky windows, and holes in the drywall. But those small things can cost you when you’re trying to sell. Take a walk through your Loft and make a list of all the small repairs you’ve been putting off. Then make the time to fix them all. It will improve the value of your Loft.

Give each room a purpose

Help buyers envision themselves in your Loft by making it clear what each living space is or can be used for. Do you have a room in your Loft that is used mostly for storage or as the place where junk gets hidden away? Clear away that clutter and give that room a purpose, such as a guest bedroom, Loft office, or even a Loft gym.

Boost your curb appeal

Finally, don’t forget the outside when you’re staging your Loft for sale. It cannot be understated how important curb appeal is when you’re selling. The outside of your Loft is the first thing potential buyers will see, whether it’s in an online listing or in person during a showing. You want to make your Loft look as attractive as possible. So keep the grass mowed, trees and bushes trimmed, and all walkways clean and clear of debris. Consider repainting your front door, swapping out lighting fixtures and your mailbox, and adding colorful plants and flowers.

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