Personalizing Your LA Loft


Getting your dream LA loft is just the first step in living your dream life. With summer right around the corner, making your loft look as bright and beautiful on the inside as the city does on the outside is the next step to making your home an extension of the city.  Bringing city and home together in a beautiful collaboration is something that seems difficult but is actually extremely manageable on any budget! Here are a few tips on how to make your loft yours!


-The first thing you should consider is the color scheme that would best fit your own personality and the style that you are looking to cultivate in your LA loft. A cohesive color scheme can tie together an entire living space and help you create distinctive areas in a smaller apartment as well.


-A statement piece of furniture in a neutral color can be accessorized with throw pillows to pull in colors from a dining room, bedroom or kitchen. Anything from a chair to console table can be used as a statement piece of furniture, this is a clever way for you to be creative and really let your personality shine through.


-Using different lighting can also be a great way to create intimate and public spaces. Lights hung high from the ceiling can help give a space a large and public feeling, for example in an entryway or living room you plan on hosting in.  A lower hanging pendant light can give a space a more intimate feeling, over a dining room table or in a bedroom.


-Another good rule of thumb to consider when contemplating how to brighten up “boring” or uninteresting rooms is to define rooms and spaces with area rugs! Choosing large rugs that all the furniture can be comfortably arranged on top of is the best way to display your taste and keep the space feeling large!


Making your new downtown loft feel like a place that you’re not only comfortable in, but that you feel is an expression of your style can be easily done! Just remember the most important part is to have fun and create a space that you’ll be excited to call home!

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