Our New Website

We are glad to announce that we just launched a new website: www.smalllotdwellings.com

On the new site, you find all the small-lot homes in the greater Los Angeles. We realize Lofts are not for everyone and some of you might want more privacy and your own garage.

Here are the basic differences and some advantages of Small Lot Homes. 

Most of them are new since the Small Lot Ordinance was implemented in 2005, and they keep building them all over the city so there brand new ones available all the time.

They are zoned as houses but resemble more a Townhome. Most of the them feature 3 or 4 levels, private garages, and some kind of outdoor space like a roof deck patio. The projects go anywhere from 2 to 50 homes.

Go to the new site and take a look for yourself, they are available For Sale and For Lease. By the way, they are usually easier to finance than condos since they don’t have HOA’s. They do have maintenance fees, but they are usually under $250 per month.

Check out our featured listings