Making The Most Of The Summer In Your Loft Balcony

Having a garden of your own is a great privilege and something that many people take for granted, but if you live in a loft apartment, your outdoor area is likely to be limited to a Balcony or roof garden. To make sure you are making the most of this space, you ought to make sure that it is in its prime in the summer, which is when you will get the most use out of it. To do this, you have to make your Balcony somewhere you want to spend time by making it pleasant and comfortable. Here are some tips for ways you can make the most of a Balcony during the warm summer months. 

Having Comfortable Places To Sit 

You will be drawn to your loft Balcony if there are some comfortable places to sit and enjoy being outside. Once you have these spaces, you will find yourself sitting on the sofa much less and opting for your outdoor furniture much more. For instance, if you are looking for somewhere to eat meals outside, you could invest in some garden benches and a table, which is perfect for hosting dinner parties for friends. Having some fairy lights draped around your Balcony will make it a great place for having some evening drinks too. 

In terms of the daytime, a vidaXL sun lounger is the perfect piece of furniture for reading under the sun – the best way to spend a sunny chilled out day at home.

Keeping Your Balcony Pretty

Terraces are great for container gardening. You can fill pots and containers with pretty seasonal flowers or herbs, shrubs, and any other plants that work in the climate. However, if your containers and pots are full of weeds, this will make the area much less appealing. Keeping your Balcony pretty will not only motivate you to use it more, but you will want to invite friends over to enjoy it too. There are some simple ways to keep your containers looking pretty, as well as some more complex ones if you are willing to invest more time. 

Add Interesting Decorative Elements

You can accessorize your garden with small statues and garden ornaments to give it a bit of unique decoration. Look for wall mounted artwork to liven up any walls and consider painting a mural if you have any artistic flair. Simple decorative elements like an outdoor clock, sculptures, and mirrors all add personality to the area, and the more quirky your tastes, the more conversation talking points you have when friends come over for drinks or a meal. 

Summer seems to come and go very quickly, so you should make the most of it while it is here! Treat your loft Balcony like it is a part of your house and you will learn to love it. And if the weather gets cold, invest in an outdoor heater and some warm throws, so you can sit outdoors for longer.


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