Looking at the Loft numbers

Lately the market has been a bit slow in Downtown LA. The number of listings increased from 100 properties for sale to around 150 now. 150 still not a huge number and even though is a 50% increase in inventory we are still lacking places to sell. DTLA is a particular market one building can be really overheated and selling like hot cakes and the building next door can have many listings sitting stale. I wanted to measure whats happening with the market and decided to look at some graphics.This is what I found:







This shows how many Lofts for sale in a 3 year period. As you can see the inventory is growing. It kind of goes up and down so is hard to analyze, but we are on the high side now.







This shows the sales. As you can see The months of February thru June are the best months to sell and that repeats far over year. This year we had less sales than the previous ones.







This one shows the prices. As you can see prices Go up in February and have been dipping lately.

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