The Loftway Report Year of 2013

If you want to buy, sell or invest in Downtown LA Lofts and Condos this will offer great inside on the Downtown Real Estate market.

I started the report in 2012 after reading Barbara Corcoran’s book (watch Shark Tank if you don’t know who she is), she did the same thing years ago in New York at her brokerage the Corcoran Group. Even though she sold her interest in the company for millions of Dollars, they still carry her tradition and public the report every quarter.

Our report is semi annual and is a bit different from theirs, Actually I noticed that a lot of Real Estate brokerages now also have a report. Our report differs from all of them, while they analyze the market as a whole we analyze each building separately and have very specific data.  I would say our report is Micro and theirs is Macro.

The first year a designed the report myself on pages for mac. The second year I hired a graphic designer to make it a bit more fancy. This year I hired three different designers to see who would come up with the best idea. You can see the winner on Below are all the designs.

Version 1 of The Loftway Report 2014 Infographic Version 3 of The Loftway Report 2014 InfographicVersion 4 of The Loftway Report 2014 InfographicVersion 2 of The Loftway Report 2014 Infographic





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