Loft Selling Superstitions

Home Selling Superstitions

Selling your Loft can be a big undertaking. Which is why it’s no surprise that some Loftowners have turned to less-than-traditional methods to increase their odds of a quick and profitable sale or for good luck in a new Loft. From enlisting the help of a saint to applying ancient Chinese design principles, these are some of the more imaginative and mystical methods some Loft sellers choose to try.

Burying a statue of St. Joseph

This is probably an old superstition that you’ve heard of, and it continues to be popular amongst Loft sellers today. If you want to sell your Loft quickly, bury a statue a St. Joseph upside down near the sale sign. Then pray to him for a speedy and favorable sale. Once your Loft is sold, dig up the statue and give it a place of honor in your new Loft. One caveat – don’t bury the statue too close to your neighbor’s yard, or their Loft may sell before yours. Does this work? According to online testimonials, it does.

Burning dried sage

Burning bundles of dried sage, also known as “smudging,” is another common technique that some Loft sellers use to bring good luck. Dried sage has been used in rituals for thousands of years, so it’s not too much of a leap to think it might bring some positive energy to your Loft selling experience. The idea is that the burning sage clears away negative energy and helps a potential buyer feel positive in your space. To smudge your Loft, open the windows and light the sage until it starts burning. Then blow out the flame to leave the bundle smoking. Starting on the bottom floor, walk through your Loft and wave the stick into all the corners, thinking positive thoughts and imagining a happy sale.

Applying rules of feng shui

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging items in your Loft to maximize the flow of energy. While there are many rules that can be confusing and complicated, you can use some basic techniques to create a good vibe in your Loft. Red is a very lucky color in feng shui. Clear out clutter to help the energy flow, keep your stovetop clean, and make sure your Loft is light and bright. Regardless of whether or not these are feng shui tips, they are also just common sense ideas that will make your Loft more appealing to buyers.

Ditching that old broom

Finally, did you know there’s a superstition about old brooms and new Lofts? It’s said that you shouldn’t bring an old broom into your next Loft. Apparently, the broom will bring with it all your old bad luck. While we might be a little skeptical of this one, we don’t think it’ll set you back too much to buy a new broom – just to be on the safe side. If nothing else, you’ll be limiting how much old dust you bring with you.

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