How To Turn Your Loft Into a Home Gym


Nowadays, due to the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, it has become almost impossible to find time to go to a gym and do a proper workout. Very often tight schedules, long commutes, and even skyrocketing gym membership fees impede us from doing our much-needed weekly exercise. Therefore, it is only logical to need to turn your loft into a fully-functional home gym. If you have thought it might sound hard work, think again. A loft area is a great place for a gym, and here are some rather nifty ways to create on in your home.


  • Utilize the space you have


Loft areas represent the perfect spot for a home gym since you would always have enough fresh air due to height and window position. However, space may depend on the size and even the shape of the loft, but you can easily utilize any given space by arranging the gym equipment diligently. Make sure that the floor is strong enough to withstand heavyweights like 10-20 kg dumbbells or kettlebells, Olympic bars and other weights. Measure the width of the loft and try to place at least two multi-functional equipment like the treadmill, chest press machine, or the leg extensions machine and, of course, foam mats.


  • Enable plenty of storage area


Since lofts can be rather narrow or tiny in some cases, to get the most out of the place you own you must set up organizational storage. Reduce the clutter by placing your mats or other accessories in special boxes. Sort out other amenities like skipping ropes, towels, extra gym wear and shoes into a special built-in closet. A nifty idea would be to have your gym closet built-in in the corner of the loft or just next to the door so it won’t impede your performance. New closet, new gym, and new gear. If you wish to add new shoes to your brand new home gym area, check out the walk jog run site for more info.


  • Revive the ambient


Lighting and decor play a crucial role in transforming the loft into the gym, and it’s only because loft can be rather dim and too enclosed. To maintain a productive ambient, you should keep the room cool and fresh, so the best solution is to paint the walls in a light color. Place a large mirror on one side of the room, and instead of having classical lighting fixtures, consider DIY recessed lights. By adding LED lights or a mix of fluorescents, for instance, you would surely spruce up the ambient even more and have a perfect home gym without having to break the budget.


  • Consider proper ventilation


Just as equipment, lighting, and adequate gear are crucial for any gym, having the right ventilation system might be the second most important thing. The loft area is the ideal space for the gym for this matter. Ensure that the air flows all the time by placing (if you don’t have already) two windows, preferably at the opposite sides. For the fresh air to circulate uninterruptedly, place a mosquito net so you could keep the windows open during hot and humid months. It can be too costly to invest in a professional ventilation system, hence get an air conditioner.


  • Groove up


As you would be spending the most time in your new gym, you should adjust it to suit your personality. Add a fantastic surround system and place cutting edge speakers for a full workout sensation. Having a top-notch music stereo system will keep you motivated and your spirit uplifted while you are exercising. Furthermore, get a small fridge to place water bottles, protein bars, and other much-needed refreshments.

With a slight investment, you can have a perfect home gym in your loft. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can achieve that with ease.

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