How To Decorate Your Loft Without Damaging The Walls

You’ve just moved into your new loft, and you’re ready to go wild with decorations. With those tall ceilings, you have so much room to add your personal touch. You’re ready to grab the paint bucket, nails, and hammer – until you remember that hefty security deposit you paid. If you ever want to see that money again, you’ll need to take care of your loft, and that means keeping the walls damage-free. You can’t paint, and you can’t drill holes, so how do you make the space your own? When you’re shopping for decorations, the keyword to look for is “removable”. We’ve put together some crafty ways you can customize your loft and keep your landlord happy: 

Use Adhesive Hooks.

Yes, you can hang portraits and photos without using nails. They’re called Command Hooks, and they can support paintings, objects, and decorations. Check the product specifications to see how many pounds the hook can support. A Command Hook is completely removable; to take it off your walls, grab it by the base, pull straight down, and wait for it to release. 

Change the Curtains.

Are those floral drapes giving you flashbacks to your grandma’s old house? It might be time for an upgrade. Swap those curtains out for fabrics that reflect your taste. With stylish drapes adorning your windows, you might never want to pull the curtains back, even when the sun is shining!

Purchase Removable Wallpaper.

When you think about putting up wallpaper, you probably imagine hours of fussing with paste and a roller. Then, there’s the dreaded fear that you won’t love the final result, and you have to tear it down, strip by strip, destroying the paint underneath. But what if there was another way? Removable wallpaper is simple to take off: grab the corner and peel it back slowly. Make your space more interesting by creating an accent wall with temporary wallpaper. 


Apply Non-Damaging Tape.

There’s a lot you can do with a handy roll of tape, like display personal photos or hang flowers. You might hide the tape behind the object, or choose to display it on every corner if it has a fun pattern. One trendy way to decorate is by using the tape itself to make a design; apply it in a shape or style that appeals to you. With sturdy tape, you can hang a tapestry on your walls. These tapes come in a range of textures and patterns, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your preferences. Tapestries can cover a large amount of space, which is great for lofts with tall ceilings. 


Before you start decorating, it might be worthwhile to eliminate belongings that are crowding your space. It will pave the way for your designs to be front and center. Get rid of excess junk before you go on a shopping spree for new supplies. It will be easier to imagine what will look good in your loft when it isn’t full of old stuff. Decluttering can be a headache-inducing task, depending on how many things you have to sort through; do it over several days to give yourself the time and energy you’ll need.

Lean objects.

Sometimes, there’s no need to hang an object in the first place. If you have a mirror or portrait, why not lean it against the wall instead? You’ll have to find a spot where it won’t be tripped over. Mirrors give the illusion of more space, so they can make a small room look bigger. If you aren’t a fan of leaning your canvas against the wall, place it on an easel as a makeshift display stand. 

Fill Your Loft With Greenery.

Nothing brightens up a dreary place like a few potted plants. They give the air a fresh scent and even remove toxins from it. Not every space has the windows to support live plants, in which case, you can purchase fake ones that look like the real deal. Even though faux plants won’t improve the air quality, they don’t need to be watered and they’ll always look lively. Just remember to dust the leaves from time to time. 

Use Storage Display Shelves.

Once you have accumulated all the things to buy for your first place, you might wonder where to put them all. Buy a storage cabinet that lets you display your belongings. Wire models are becoming increasingly popular; they allow part of the wall behind it to show through, creating a modern look. You can use hooks to hang different things from the wires, like crystals and/or other ornaments. 


Put Up Wall Stickers.

We’ve all seen our share of bad wall stickers: cliché quotes, floral disasters, and tacky prints. But there are tasteful options available which will add an artistic flair to your loft. Since these stickers are removable, you won’t need to worry about stripping the paint when you move out. 

Getting a loft is an exciting life event, but don’t get carried away with decorating before you review the terms of your lease agreement. With the damage-free tips we mentioned, you’ll have a personalized space without holes in the walls or chips in the paint. 

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