How to Achieve the Perfect Loft

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Many homeowners like lofts for different reasons. Lofts are perfect for individuals who want a unique home that offers privacy and maximizes space. It’s the new must-haves for young adults nowadays.

However, lofts are expensive, and making the most out of a costly purchase can be tricky. Here are a few design points you should keep in mind if you wish to achieve a perfect and cozy loft just for you.

The basics

Lofts are any space below a ceiling, or it can be a building floor converted into apartment space. If you want a comfortable living area, you should have these essential elements.

  • A perfect loft should have adequate height to accommodate space for the loft area itself and still has enough room for space below. The ideal height is about 5 meters, so you’ll have sufficient elevation for your flooring.
  • To access your upper area, you should have a comfortable staircase. Staircases should be at least .80m in length, .30m wide, and .25m high. You should also have enough space for the railings and support.

If you don’t have enough ceiling height to have an upper area and a staircase for it, you can work with your existing floor area plan out according to what you have.

Some options include elevating your bedroom and adding a glass railing for safety. You can also install a murphy or a convertible bed to maximize tiny spaces.

Theme and Design

Deciding for the theme and decor for your loft should be according to the function of the space. Both should be cohesive and maximizes the limited space yet still aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some fantastic yet functional theme ideas for your loft:

  • Urban 

Working with an urban theme is perfect for lofts because it allows achieving the modern look in a more traditional space. 

Adding modern pieces of furniture, mirrors, and artworks can complement open brick walls and exposed ceilings that are common in several lofts.

  • Glamour

A glamorous design is achievable with intentionally aged materials and surfaces. You should also have plenty of textures yet maintain a minimal number of pieces of furniture.

You can decorate the loft with potted plants, mirrors, and floor lamps. Glamours design also works with neutral shades like grey, brown, or lilac with standout pieces.

  • Bohemian

A Bohemian design can help add creativity in more traditional spaces like a loft. Focusing on art pieces and accessories are the key elements to achieve a Bohemian style.

Decorate the loft with more avant-garde paintings, decorative plants, and musical instruments. You can also add a mix and match of textures and textile designs.

  • Minimalist

Minimalist design is ubiquitous in loft spaces because it gives the illusion of a bigger space. You can work with a monochrome or neutral palette with pops of color, either from plants, patterns, or paintings.

Minimalist design focuses on simple furniture and accessories combined with rustic loft-style elements that make the space more elegant and stylish. 

Making it homey

Once you’ve covered the basics and the theme for your loft, you should also focus on making it feel like your home. An open space can be a little tricky, but here are few tips you can focus on to make your loft cozier.

  • Achieve a warm and comfortable feel with soft and round furniture. You can also add plush rugs, plants, and throw blankets.
  • To accentuate height and without shrinking the space, opt for interior glass doors. You can extend these doors up to the ceiling to even make the space bigger.
  • Avoid walls and create separate rooms by grouping furniture together. But if you want walls, you can opt for wood panels as it creates a warmer feel.
  • Mirrors will make a tiny loft feel wider and homey. Try adding them on the walls will give the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Install curtains for added privacy and a relaxed atmosphere, but make sure to install them higher than the windows to achieve the illusion of a higher ceiling.
  • Adding a pop of color also creates space more inviting. Try to add a few vibrant hues to your space with a throw pillow, an accent wall, or fresh flowers.
  • Adding items like family photos is the absolute way of making the area feel like home. Try to incorporate more persona pieces with your design.
  • Create a space for yourself. The loft is already your space, but to make it homier, you should have an area that suits your lifestyle. A home office, playroom, library, wall garden, or craft area are just a few things that can help make the loft more personalized.

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Achieve a perfect and cozy loft by taking these tips and ideas when looking for your next property. There are plenty of properties available in Los Angeles, so your options are endless.


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