Garden Ideas for Los Angeles Lofts

UntitledDo you ever dream of picking fresh fruit, veggies, or herbs from your home? Or maybe even having some beautiful flowery scenery right outside your door? Those who live in Los Angeles lofts may not consider the possibility of having a garden due to lack of space and earth. Yet, having a garden is possible. Plus, Los Angeles is a great place to grow a variation of plants, because let’s be honest, the weather is almost always perfect.

Here’s how to do it:

Choose your location

First, you need to choose your garden space. Pick a spot on your balcony that will get enough sunlight, but not too much. Usually the best growing areas face east or west, because the morning and evening sun will be the most prominent in those areas.

However, if you are limited on space and only have one small location for your garden, then almost any area should work.

Choose your garden type

The fun thing about gardening is that you have so many options and none of them are wrong. For example, you can create a box garden, hanging baskets, or just a simple pot garden. DIY tutorials abound, sodon’t be afraid to get creative with it.

Different types of gardens also have different uses. For example, a box garden is typically used more for fruits, vegetables, and starches (such as potatoes).

Box gardens are constructed from lumber and can be made in many different sizes. You have the option of making a 4 ft. x 4 ft. box, a 2 ft. x 6 ft. box, or a 3 ft. x 5 ft. box. Box gardens are also less prone to getting those annoying weeds, which may also be the case for hanging baskets.

If you decide to use a hanging basket, remember they dry out quickly. If you don’t have a watering system for your hanging baskets, then watering daily is a necessity. Unless, of course you plant succulents, which require less frequent watering as they are desert plants. If you plant succulents, then watering about twice a week will suffice. Succulents are not only perfect for hanging baskets, but are great for ground-sitting pots.

Ground pots are perfect for small herbs and flowers. The nice thing about pots is they can fit in smaller places. If your loft’s balcony doesn’toffer much space, then pots are probably a good option for you.

No matter what you choose, your garden can be beautiful, and after a Saturday afternoon of work, you can have the start of some delicious homegrown fruits and vegetables, or the aesthetic of a succulent garden. People will also be surprised and thrilled that you grew them while living in one of the many beautiful downtown LA lofts. So, don’t be afraid to start your garden. Give it a chance and have some fun.


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