Furniture Ideas to Transform Your Loft

You’re ready to move into your new loft, but one question is giving you pause—how on
Earth should you decorate it?

What many people love about lofts is their open floor plan. However, this can make it
difficult to arrange your furniture. How do you section off different areas without
interrupting the flow of the room?

It can be tough to divide your space with such an open concept. Decorating an area this
unique takes some careful planning and consideration. Here are a few furniture ideas
that can take your loft to the next level:

Choose a Theme
Lofts feature a few signature characteristics that make them special, like exposed brick,
tall ceilings, and visible ducts. It’s the perfect space for a busy worker or artist who
needs extra square footage.
When you’re designing your loft, choose a theme that you can use throughout the
space. Since it’s mostly open, you want each area to feel continuous rather than
discrete and contrasting. That theme will depend on your preferences; you might opt for
something natural (wicker furniture and wool cushions) or a more modern look (glass
tables and leather couches).
A great way to spruce up your loft is by adding a few live edge tables. They create a
rustic yet refined feel in your living space. These tables feature the distinct grooves and
grains of wood, without clean-cut edges—instead, they’re curvy and natural, just like the
trunk of a tree. Live edge tables are a popular choice in lofts; they complement the
stripped-back aesthetic of the place.

Work with the Design, Not Against It
From metal frames to concrete pillars, most lofts have an obvious industrial vibe. Even if
you appreciate all the open space, you might want to add your twist to this aesthetic.
Many lofts have ashy walls to suit their industrial style. We’ve got some decor ideas for
gray walls to help freshen up and add warmth to your space:
● Add greenery. What room doesn’t look better with a few live plants? You really
can’t go wrong with a design choice like this. Place some potted plants near
natural light sources to add green appeal to your loft.
● Keep things homey. Even if you love the cool and edgy feel of your loft, you
might want certain areas to feel a little softer. Take your bedroom, for
example—it’s a place you want to be relaxed. Add a few accents like throw
pillows, fuzzy blankets, and portraits. A threaded rug with a myriad of tones will fit
right in your space. It will also make the floor more comfortable!
● Use pops of color. Against gray walls, shades like yellow really pop (which is
probably why Pantone chose these two shades as their 2021 colors of the year).
You can also play up gray with shades of blue and red.

Use Dividers
Sometimes, all that open space can be overwhelming. You might want to separate your
home office from your other spaces to help you focus. Short of building another wall,
what can you do?
Dividers add privacy and dimension to your loft. Too much open space can be hard to
work with. Screen dividers come in many patterns and materials, so you can easily find
one to match your overall theme.

Consider the Windows
Natural light is an important feature of any home. Make your windows a focal point and
ensure that nothing blocks their light.
Design your space around the windows so that you maximize the benefits of that
awesome view. Research indicates that natural light can boost our productivity and
improve our sleep quality.
Try not to place any furniture that could block the sunbeams streaming in from your
windows. For example, place any chairs on either side of a window rather than in front
of it.

Add Soft Lighting
Cool, blue lights will accentuate the concrete and metal touches in your place. But if
you’re looking to transform it, you might want to consider lights that are softer and
Bulbs that emit a pale yellow or orange hue can give your loft a casual atmosphere.
Hanging pendant lights (those old-fashioned retro bulbs) will accentuate the unique
qualities of the ceiling. You can even purchase string lights to illuminate your space in a
different way.

Make Use of Each Corner
Not all areas of your loft are easy to utilize. Some corners might have sloped ceilings,
irregular walls, or concrete pillars. But if you want to get the most out of your loft, you
need to find creative ways to utilize these tight spaces.
Try to find furniture that can fit the specific dimensions of these tricky areas. You might
look for a low and wide bookshelf and floor pillows to create a reading area.

Lofts are attractive to buyers and tenants for many reasons: they’re open, unique, and
you’ve got plenty of space to make the place your own.
Deciding how to decorate your new loft can be difficult. You might even feel
overwhelmed at all the possibilities. But keeping these furniture ideas in mind will help
you make your loft feel like home.

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