Find and Flip Distressed Properties The Right Guideline


Everyone talks about distressed properties because they are easy to achieve and are more likely to take profits in it. It is because usually investor plays with the vendors’ problems and problems that are facing.

It is not the right way, no doubt, distressed parties are among the most profitable properties because of personal issues, yet it is not ethical. Being in business demands rules regulations and some sets of human behavior towards other human beings because money is not everything.

So here we discuss some important tips that will help you flip distressed properties and will help you get the best properties but in limits and boundaries

Here are some tips that one needs to know while they are looking for a flipping property to own and buy. So here we go

Start working before even buying the property

It means that do the prep work even before buying the property, so that when the right time comes you must know what you have to do next. This valuable time will help you move your entire flip in a lot less time.

In this time

-You can line the contractors

– Detailed scope of work

– Pick out materials

  • Short sales

Going after short sales. This process has been changed from the past since now. In past investors used to approach people with a distressing situation who is the owner of the property.

Real estate agents found these individuals and all the negotiations would have done with the help of the bank through BPO (Broken price opinion). 

However, in 2010, it has seen that banks do let investors involved but they do not let them make any profits anymore. 

Such as, they put restrictions on investors that they cannot sell the property for a certain period.

It was called deed restrictions, that investors can sell the property after 30 days or 90 days. Mold damaged properties, Fire damaged properties, and Estate sales are the best properties to bid on because they are more likely to be sold.

Look for a real estate agent and go for the properties that have been recently foreclosed

  • Identify distressed caused

Identify the cause is most important to know. It is because that will lead to making the best purchase of that distressed properties. 

Most of the time reasons are broken homes, divorced couples or heir wants their share in the property. So first, do have the right information.

  • Make contact with the vendor

After identifying the cause of distressed property, try to make contact with the vendor. In addition, it is not an easy job to do.

For that, people usually go for real estate agents. They turn out to be the best help.


Real estate agents get to a distressed property more quickly just because they have relationships with people.

It is because they are mature in developing relationships and have 95 percent more chances to get the best deal.

Thus to have agents, go to different websites and if you are an agent then get to MLS. If you are in a good relationship with the agent, he may set you on the deal, which may be in sir pocket, but not on the market.

  • Talk about the deal and profit

After getting the deal in your hand, do not just take advantage of the property but come out with the best deal that can be said as a win-win situation for both buyer and vendor. 

  • Include authority to lock the deal

As the deal has been done, further include government authorities such as lawyers and sign the papers of that distressed properties.

  • Flip the property in the best order

As you have been able to secure that place. Now start flipping houses, this process is a bit tricky but that requires complete attention and right guidance because a little mistake can ruin the profit 

  • Sell the property or rent it for your best interest

Usually, people go to sell the property. However, it is best advised to construct it into a better position of home.

As you have start flipping houses, you may likely to have more chances of the best profitable sale and along with that, you will also likely to rent it at the best prices

  • Start flipping houses

With a distressed property, people usually like to sell it as soon as possible. However, the trend has been changing so it is advised to start flipping houses because this is going to turn out to be more profitable than before. 

It is because, in the coming years, land and property rates are increasing day by day so when you will sell it in the future, you are more likely to make much more profit than now.

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