Can Music Sell Your Loft?

You know how much music can influence how you feel. There’s nothing like an upbeat song to get you out of a funk or something quiet and soothing when you need to relax. Music sets the tone for parties, gets you in the mood to shop at stores, and helps you unwind at the spa. So have you ever thought to tap into the power of music to sell your Loft? Here’s what you need to know.

Think of the vibe you’re going for

When you’re hosting an open Loft or having buyers tour your Loft, you want to set a certain tone. What kind of vibe are you going for? You want to choose music that makes people want to linger but also doesn’t compete for attention. It’s best to steer clear of music that can be polarizing or not to everyone’s taste. This could include music with offensive lyrics, heavy metal, country, or music that is overtly religious. Opt for music that is calming and neutral. Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch. Many of the music streaming services already have curated playlists that are perfect for open houses.

Let the music match the style

Something else to keep in mind is matching your music choices to the style of your Loft. If you’re trying to sell an old Victorian farmhouse, then the latest top 40 tunes may seem out of place. Is your Loft midcentury modern? Then consider a playlist from the era featuring music from Frank Sinatra and others from that time period. You should also let your music match your surroundings in other ways. If it’s a pretty spring day, then opt for music that is light and airy. What kind of neighborhood is your Loft in? If it’s a condo in an urban area, then jazz could be a perfect choice.

Consider instrumental tunes

When in doubt, choose music that contains no lyrics. Instrumental music can help set just the right tone without distracting buyers from touring your Loft. Think of who your buyers are most likely to be and let that guide you when you’re making your choices. If your Loft will appeal to empty nesters, then classical music could be just the ticket. You could even opt for instrumental versions of top hits. That way, the music will sound familiar without being too overpowering.

Use different music in different areas

You don’t need to have a centralized sound system in your Loft to play music at your open Loft, either. It’s perfectly fine to play different music in different areas of your Loft. It could work in your favor as you highlight the features and amenities of each area of your Loft. Just be sure that the music from different areas isn’t competing with each other for attention.

Be mindful of the volume

Finally, remember that this is an open Loft and not a nightclub. Be mindful of the volume of the music you’re playing. You want buyers to be able to comfortably talk with each other without having to raise their voices.

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