Brokerage and site updates

Logo New

In the next days we will be updating the neighborhood pages on the site. I will be adding pictures (somehow they disappeared in one of the updates) and some personal recommendations of places to go in each area.

We are also updating the mobile version of the site, to look simpler, have larger pictures and to be easier to navigate.

We will be removing the search box from the front page and making more streamlined with just two buttons “Search Lofts For Sale” and “Search Lofts for Lease”.

We also implemented Real Scout on the back end and our single property email alerts are more in sync with our brand, I am sure our buyer will appreciate the new interface.

We secured a full back page color ad which will run every month at the Downtown Weekly newspaper where we will display our listings and other info.

We are always implementing in the front end and back end to make things easier and better for YOU!

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