Barker Block Pricing

I was at the Barker Block preview today. Prices are out and for the smaller units you are looking at $640 per Sq Ft and  large ones are at $556 per Sq Ft. Now this price might go even higher. They are selling the units resale style, meaning they will get multiple offers and the higher and with larger down payment will win. If these prices go even higher they might set a new record in the Arts District. It makes my Molino listing look like the best deal in town at $336 per Sq Ft. No need to rush on Barker, they will look at all offers on Feb 1st.

As for the LOFTS, they are nice, but not that spectacular. They are small, and most of them face the inside. Also if you leave in this building you have a long walk to your parking spot. Its the only new project for sale at the moment, so will sell fast.

Below are the prices on the 15 units released.


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