Avoid These Loft buyer Turnoffs

When you’re preparing to put your Loft on the market, you want to make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers. But what you do – or don’t do – can either get buyers excited or turn them off. Knowing what buyers don’t want is crucial when it’s time to sell your Loft. Here’s a list of the most common homebuyer turnoffs that you need to avoid.

Bad smells

Nothing turns off potential homebuyers more than unpleasant odors inside or outside your Loft. The most common smells that buyers find offensive are pet odors and cigarette smoke. But they may also be turned off by the smell of a damp Laundry room or lingering cooking odors. If bad smells permeate your Loft, then it’s essential you take steps to wipe them out. Thoroughly clean and open windows to let in some fresh air before any potential buyer views your Loft.

Dirt and grime

Another big turnoff for potential buyers is walking into a Loft that’s dirty. This is especially true in the bathroom or kitchen. Nobody wants to buy a grimy Loft. Before you list your Loft, you need to clean it from top to bottom until it’s sparkling. If the task seems daunting to you, then hire a professional cleaning service. The added expense is worth it.


We know you love your dog, but not everyone will share that sentiment. Not only do pet odors turn off potential buyers, but also the presence of pets at the showing. You must remove your pets from the Loft before showing it to buyers. Pets are distracting, and you never know which buyers may be allergic to or even afraid of them. You should also remove all pet-related items such as beds, feeding dishes, and litter boxes.

Outrageous or outdated décor

No matter how much you appreciate your personal décor, it can be a major turnoff for a potential buyer. This is particularly true if you have an unusual taste or haven’t updated the interior since the 1980s. Remember – you want potential buyers to be able to imagine living in the Loft. Make it easier for them to do that by neutralizing the Loft’s interior.

Bad photos

Finally, you should remember that most homebuyers begin their Loft searches online. The first time they see your Loft will be in the photos that are posted to listing sites. If you have bad photos or no photos at all, this will give potential buyers a bad impression. If possible, hire a professional photographer to take your listing photos. At the very least, make sure that the photos don’t feature a pile of unwashed laundry or a sink full of dirty dishes.

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