Ad Words

For those that are not familiar, Google Ad Words, is the advertising platform from Google. Basically it works like this: You pick a keyword and when someone searches that keyword your business will show up on top as paid advertising. You only pay when someone clicks on the link. It can cost anywhere from $0.10 per click  to $100 and over. Depending on the keyword and your position it can cost less or more. Then you set a daily budget and the ads will show until until you reach that number everyday. 

I just started advertising there again and its very interesting to monitor this stuff. You can see how many times your ad appeared until someone clicked on it and which keywords are more popular than others.

Here a few things I know by looking at my stats:

1) One of my key words showed up 320 times to generate 14 clicks. This is a 4.38% click ratio.

2) My best keyword ratio is 5 to 1 or 20%.

3) My most expensive cost per click is $6.29. I can go broke with this keyword if I don’t set a daily budget. 

4) My worst keyword  did 55 impressions for 1 click. Thats pretty lame.

Overall Google Adwords works, but it can become very expensive. You really have to see if you are getting a good return on your investment. Like any other form of advertising for that matter.

This is not for Real Estate only, it works for any business.

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