5 Ways to Save On Your Loft Heating Costs This Winter

As a chill takes hold of many parts of the country, we know that the winter season is nearly upon us. For many, winter means holiday time spent with family, getting out in the cold to enjoy some winter sports, and snuggling up next to a warm fire. For loft owners, however, the onset of winter means a guarantee that they will see an increase in their energy bills.

When your furnace is working hard to keep your home and your family comfortable in the frigid weather, you have to expect to use more energy, which means higher bills. The good news is that there are many things that you can do to keep your heating costs down while still staying warm. During the winter months, your goal should be making your home warmer while still saving money on your energy bills. This article will take you through a few tips that will help you save money on your heating costs this winter. 

Light the Fireplace

If you are lucky enough to have a wood-burning stove or fireplace in your loft, you have a ton of savings already in your hands. Utilizing your fireplace can save you up to 40% on your winter heating costs. There is nothing better than the dry and comforting heat of a roaring fire. Before you light your stove or fireplace, you should have your chimney inspected and clear out any dangerous blockages that could mean trouble. Make sure that you have a good amount of wood already cut down to size and ready to throw on the fire, and you will stay warm for less this winter.

Seal Windows and Doors

Much of the battle to keep your loft warm in the winter comes when you have cold drafts invading your house. If your windows and doors allow cold air to seep into your home, your furnace ends up working harder, limiting the efficiency and costing more money. Before the snow starts to fly, make sure that all of your windows are caulked. You can also try using plastic shrink wrap on older windows to prevent drafts. Attach weather stripping to all of your exterior doors to eliminate drafts from cooling down your loft.

Smart Thermostat

It is a waste of money to heat your loft during the winter when you aren’t home. Many owners leave their traditional thermostats set at a constant temperature when they are home or at work. This ends up costing you a lot in wasted heat. A smart thermostat can be programmed to reduce your temperature when you aren’t home or in bed for the night.

Close Doors

If you have rooms in your loft that aren’t used regularly, like a pantry or guest bedroom, there is no need to heat those areas continually. Close your vents in those rooms and shut the doors to reduce the strain on your furnace. This will help you warm your main living areas more efficiently and save you money.

Let the Light In

During the day, you can take advantage of the heat of the sun to help keep your heating costs down in the winter. Open your drapes, especially on south-facing windows, and let the sun help you to heat those areas. This greenhouse effect can efficiently raise your home’s core temperature by a few degrees, making it feel more comfortable.

There are many beautiful things to enjoy during the winter, but one of them isn’t opening an expensive energy bill. Follow some of these tips to help you save on your heating costs this winter.

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